Rock-2-Def Music Clients

Rock-2-Def Music/ Walt Cusick has worked with many Artists-Producers-Writers over the years. Below is some of the most recent people we have worked with. In addition to this we have worked with many corporate and global brand clients. Another part of our mission was to give back to the community and work with some fantastic charities and foundations that are making an impact in our world.  


​Music / Artists

Walt has recently worked with : Scotty  Cram,  Babe Animal, Colt Ford,  ECO,Jacob Blazer,  DMC of RUN-DMC, Jesse James Dupree, Nigel Dupree,   Babi Mac,  DJ Shalom, IAMDouglas, Jacob Blazer,John Wayne Bailey, Riley Biedere, Shay Z, Steve O-songwriter,  Billy Grey, Wally Montgomery, Anthony Crane, Riley Biederer, Cori Jean, Raph C @ Parhelion Studios, Blac Elvis, Ink from Vintage Nation, Eshe from Arrested Development​, Danny Boone from REHAB, Animul House, Average Joes Entertainment & Shannon Houchins, Bizarre from D-12, Sonny Findley, Darius Smith, Jeff Tomei, Greta Gaines, Dave Shoulberg Projects, Bonecrusher,Athena Skye, Mikki Jean Roads, Lexi Street, The Brew-ATL & more   


Danny Boone-REHAB

Colt Ford

John Wayne Bailey



Bonecrusher & Eco

Patchwerk Recording Studios 

Nigel Dupree

Jesse Dupree & DMC

Scotty Cram

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Babe Animal

Babi Mac

Madison Shea

Bizarre of D-12

Greta Gaines



Average Joes  Entertainmet

Corporate / Global Brands


We have produced music and film for some of the biggest global brands in the beverage industry such as: Miller Lite, Coors Light, Dos Equis, Heineken USA, Jack Daniels, Guinness-Diageo, Harp, SweetWater,          El Jimador Tequila, Meukow Cognac, Music Midtown ,Rex Goliath Wines, Smirnoff Ice, United Distributors. Other Clients in the corporate world have been:
Vince Cellini of ( CNN, Golf Channel, TNT), Patchwerk Recording Studios, Music Midtown, SweetWater 420 Fest & more.
Charities / Foundation /Community Service


Rock-2-Def Music is proud to have Produced Music & Film which has helped raise thousands of dollars for charities and the community. We are currently active in assisting with Camp Twin Lakes- Spin for Kids & St. Jude Children's Hospital.